FarmLogs State of Grain Marketing

FarmLogs recently conducted a survey of 1,000 producers to gain a better understanding of how most customers make marketing decisions.  Check out this link to see how your operation [...]

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December 2018 Corn Chart


World Grain Stocks Shrink For First Time In Six Years

 World Grain Stocks Shrink For First Time In Six Years: World grain stocks will fall next season for the first time in six years, dragging supplies to unusually tight [...]

China Is Building a Rain-Making System Three Times as Big as Spain

China is planning the implementation of a large-scale weather changing project to ensure a consistent rain supply. The system is created from a network of solid fuel burning [...]

December 2019 Corn Chart


One of the Best Fields for New College Graduates? Agriculture.

Nearly 60,000 High-Skilled Agriculture Job Openings Expected Annually in U.S., Yet Only 35,000 Graduates Available to Fill Them WASHINGTON, May 11, 2015 – Agriculture [...]